Fits – Know whether your shirt fits or not!

Let’s talk about knowing if your shirt fits. Oh man, talk about a pet peeve… Guys, we gotta do better here. Take a look below, if you can fit an extra Christmas ham in your shirt, its too big. Look at the difference here, it really says it all. Don’t show up to work or a nice event looking like you borrowed your shirt from your older brother. When your clothes fit, people respect you and listen to what you have to say. It might sound silly, but it’s true, trust us!

What are the elements of a shirt that fits?

  • The seam for your shoulder should be right at the corner of your shoulder, not floating off to the side somewhere
  • You should be able to fit a finger or two inside the collar
  • There should be no way anyone would mistake your sleeves for parachutes (keep them close to your arms)
  • The sleeve should finish right where your the palm of your hand and your wrist meet.
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But my shirt doesn’t do all that? And the next size up/down doesn’t either

Good news, there is a solution here. Head down to your local dry cleaner (if you aren’t going to a good dry cleaner, now is the time to start!), they can usually do alterations to fix the problem areas and make sure your clothes fit correctly. Alternatively, you can check yelp or a local white pages and find a tailor in your area who can also help you out.

First impressions only happen once, make sure yours is a good one. Fitting clothes not only show people you know how to take care of yourself but they increase your confidence. Who doesn’t want more confidence with very little effort?

Shirt Fit

Good fit or Bad fit

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